STRIDES motto "A Step Ahead in the Pursuit of Excellence" is based upon the definition of STRIDE ... to take a single long STEP. 

Upon completion of the class, you will have taken a STEP towards becoming a more pro-active driver and reducing your risk behind the wheel. 

STRIDES is also an acronym that emphasizes the information and process needed to drive safely in today’s traffic environment.

S = See and Space 
T = Time and Traction
R = Risk
I = Impairment
D = Distractions
E = Environment
S = Share

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assigned by DMV, ordered by the court system or voluntary.  The defensive driving skills and techniques presented will assist you in preventing collisions and increase your observation skills. Furthermore, by watching the video presentations and completing the student guide, you will become up to date on the latest risk-reducing driving techniques.    




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For most people, Driver Education and Driver Improvement is not fun or convenient. So, we want to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. We genuinely care about your driving needs and your experience,

Our Driver Improvement Program, for example, will provide in-person instruction for students, whether    



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STRIDESDriving school 

​​​The instructors are committed to providing a safe and engaging learning environment that encourages students to expand their understanding, take in a new perspective, and stretch their awareness.