Driving is a complex and often demanding task, even for skilled and experienced motorists. To drive safely you must control the vehicle, comply with traffic laws and regulations, monitor traffic conditions, watch the behavior of other drivers, keep an eye out for children, pedestrians, animals and cyclists, and maneuver in all kinds of
weather and road conditions.

 You must also obtain information from continually changing environments, decide what action to take, initiate that action, assess the consequences, take remedial action if necessary, and constantly repeat the process. Good drivers perform these steps in a timely manner.

Heavy traffic, speeding drivers, emergencies, bad weather, distractions and fatigue, as well as emergencies created by others, place additional demands on you as a driver.


This course consists of 36 periods of classroom instruction for students less than 19 years of age.  Each class period is fifty (50) minutes long.  

Students 18 years of age and younger are required to complete a state approved driver’s education course prior to receiving a Virginia driver’s license. The approved programs require a minimum of 36 periods of classroom instruction and 14 periods of in-car instruction.  Each period is 50 minutes in length.  Attendance at a driver training school is not required for students who obtained a learner’s permit at age 19 years and over and who have held the learner’s permit for at least 60 days.

 Before beginning behind-the-wheel training, students must complete an approved classroom instruction course and hold a valid Virginia learner’s permit.  After completing the classroom training, students will receive a Certificate of Completion (if taken from public school) or a DTS B form (if taken from a commercial school).

Students should check with their behind-the-wheel provider for the minimum number of class periods completed before beginning the in-car instruction.  STRIDES Driving School does not provide in-car instruction at this time.

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